PERSIAN COMMUNICATION COURSE (Academic year 2016-2017):

The Persian Communication Course is divided into Two Modules:

Module One: – 50 hours
Module Two: – 50 hours
Total duration of the course is 100 hrs.

Duration :
• Module Two : Spring Semester (25 classes) – from 2nd January – 10th April 2017

Batch timings:
Classes will be held twice a week for 2 hours a day.

Module Two:
• Batch 1 : 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday & Thursday)
• Batch 2 : 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Monday & Thursday)

The classes are expected to be held on the following dates in Module 2:

January (8): 2,5,9,12,16,19,23,30
February (6): 2,6,9,13,16,27
March (8): 2,6,9,16,20,23,27,30
April (3): 3,6,10

Dates excluded:
26th January: Republic Day
20th – 25th February: Mid sem exams
13th March: Holi

General Guidelines applicable to all:

Attendance is compulsory. The percentage of attendance will be mentioned on the certificate.

NOTE for students: Minimum attendance of 80% is mandatory for claiming refund of the deposit collected at the time of fees collection. Refunds will be made, based on 80% attendance, at the end of the two modules for those who attend both modules, or at the end of 1st module for those not attending module 2. The student should intimate the Office of Dean-IR if s/he wants to discontinue after the 1st Module. The request for deregistration and refund of deposit will be permitted only upto 31st January 2017. Any request received after this date will not be entertained

Tests: Tests will be conducted in every module. Attendance for all the tests is compulsory. A minimum of 50% is required in the tests for issuance of certificates.