Visit By

2016/06/20 A delegation lead by Prof. Wei-Chung Wang, Senior Advisor for Global Affairs, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
2016/06/17 Dr. Bertrand de Hartingh, (Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs), Dr. Nicolas Idier (Books, Ideas and Knowledge Attache), Ms. Estelle Berruyer (Cultural Attache) from New Delhi and Mr. Alain Zayan, Director, Alliance Francaise, Mumbai
2016/05/03 Mr. Mahdi Zare Bieib, Director, Cultural House of the Islamic Republic of Iran
2016/04/22 Prof. Adam Habib (Vice Chancellor), Prof. Ian Jandrell (Dean of Engineering and the Built Environment), Ms. Kanina Foss (Chief of staff to the Vice –Chancellor) from Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2016/04/06 Prof. Andrew S. Whittaker (Professor and Chair), Prof. Kellie Stanchak (Graduate Academic Coordinator) from Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering, University of Buffalo, USA
2016/03/18 Prof. Henry H.H. Chen, Director, Science and Technology Division from Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India, New Delhi
2016/03/16 Ms. Ainhitze Bizkarralegorra Bravo, Country Representative from Euraxess Links India to conduct an information session on Research Opportunities in Europe.
2016/03/14 Prof. Lalit Goel, Director, Global Education and Mobility and Prof. Johnie Goh, Assistant Director, Student and Academic Services Department from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2016/02/29 Jody Lehr-Waite, Associate Director of International Outreach, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, Ms. Sheela Thyagaraj and Ms. Suman Nayak from The International Knowledge Center, Bangalore.
2016/02/29 Dr. Steven A. Ringel, Director, Institute for Materials Research, Dr. Dave Williams, Dean of College of engineering from The Ohio State University, US and Mr Ardeshir Contractor, Managing Director and CEO of Kiran Energy Solar Power Pvt. Ltd.,
2016/02/16 Dr. Takehito Higuchi, Fellow, Doctor of Management of Technology and Mr. Yuji Nishikawa, India Liaison Representative, from Japan Science and Technology Agency, Japan
2016/02/01 Prof. Friso De Boer, Head of School of Engineering & Information Technology & Mr. Girish Iyer, Manager International Marketing & Recruitment from Charles Darwin University, Australia and Mr. Chintan Bharwada from Australian Trade Commission, Mumbai
2016/01/29 Elena Donets, CEO, Tel Aviv University Enterpreneurship Center and Claudelle Monis, Cultural Officer from Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai
2016/01/20 Dr. Sheila Embleton (Distinguished Research Professor) and Prof. Roopa Desai Trilokekar (Assistant Professor) from York University, Canada
2016/01/14 Prof. Hiroshi Iwai (Vice Dean, Distinguished Chair Professor),Prof. Sin-Horng Chen (Senior Vice President), Prof. Chun-Yen Chang (President Emeritus) and Prof. Edward Y. Chang (Senior Vice President) from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
2016/01/13 Mr. Michael Oskin (Vice Consul), Ms. Koyel Sen (Consular Information Unit) from U.S. Consulate and Mr. Pranav Pradhan (Education USA Adviser) from USIEF
2015/12/28 Ms. Cristina Chiriboga Tejada, Consultant & Ms. Varsha Perera, Assistant, from the Consulate General of Ecuador in Mumbai
2015/12/07 Delegates from University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology and Archimedes Foundation Centre for Higher Education Development, Estonia
2015/12/02 Mr. Tomohiro Toi, Mr. Atsushi Matsutani and Mr. Shubham Yadav from Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd., Japan
2015/11/10 David L. Jeu, Assistant Vice Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley
2015/10/06 Mr. Ulrich Podewils (Representative) from Liaison Office of Freie Universitaet Berlin at the German House of Research and Innovation (DWIH) New Delhi
2015/10/05 Dr. Mark Sheridan (Dean/Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs) and Dr. Sukant Misra (Associate Vice Provost for International Programs) from Texas Tech University, US
2015/05/12 Prof. Brett Kirk (Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor), Prof. Vishnu Pareek (Head of School of Chemical Engineering), Prof. Piyush Sharma (Professor of Curtin Business School) and Prof. Abhijit Mukherjee from Curtin University, Australia
2015/04/28 Prof. Edward Crawley (President) and Prof. Mikhail Myagkov (VP for Academic
Outreach and International Relations) from Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia.
2015/04/28 Prof. Silvia Luraghi (Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Pavia, Italy)
2015/04/27 Prof. Alexander H. King (Director, Critical Materials Institute)
2015/04/24 Mr. Sam Schreiner (Ambassador), Ms. Laure Huberty (Deputy Head of Mission) from Embassy of Luxembourg, New Delhi, Ms. Jayshree Lakhotia and Mr. Kamal Lakhotia from Counsellor for Cultural & Tourism Promotion Consulate Office of Luxembourg, Mumbai
2015/04/14 Prof. Dr. Marie-Louise Klotz (President), Mr. Gautam Saha (Director of South & South Asia region), Dr. Peter Juergen Scholz, Dr. Maike Reichardt from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany.
2015/04/08 Prof. Urban Westergren (Deputy Director of Intl. Affairs), Prof. Rajeev Thottappillil (Head of Electromagnetic Engg.), Ms. Alphonsa Lourdudoss (Regional Advisor- India), Ms. My Delby & Ms. Manja Schubert (International Coordinator) from KTH Sweden
2015/03/11 Prof. Ebrahim Parker (Head of Operations Management) and Prof. Mario Peter Da Costa (Acting Head of Department, Office Management and Technology) from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
2015/02/18 Dr. Robert Orr (Dean) and Ambassador Pradeep Kapur (Visiting Professor, International Trade, Development & Security from University of Maryland School of Public Policy
2015/02/17 Mr. Eugenio Acosta (Director of International Alumni Relations), Mr. Ruben de Jesus C. Medina (Associate Director, Global Advancement) and Ms. Anita Garg (Advisor for India) from University of Notre Dame, USA
2015/02/16 Ms. Sowmya Arcot (Professor, The University of New South Wales, Australia)
2015/02/12 Ms. Wenwei Wu (International Development Manager, International Relations, University of Birmingham) and Ms. Aprajita Kalra (Country Coordinator, University of Birmingham – India Office)
2015/02/11 Prof. Zoubeir Lafhaj, Dean of International Affairs and Prof. Genevieve Dauphin-Tanguy, Professor of Control Design from Ecole Centrale de Lille, France
2015/01/21 Prof. Armel de La Bourdonnaye (Director) and Mr. Thibault Skrzypek (Project Manager, International Relations Department) from Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussees, France
2015/01/16 Associate Prof. Lina Taylor (Pro Vice-Chancellor International) and Ms. Julia Shelley (Senior Regional Manager) from University of Western Sydney
2015/01/16 Dr. William Brustein (Vice Provost of International Affairs and Global Strategies), Michael Drake (President), Dr. Steven A. Ringel (Director, Institute for Materials Research), Prof. Vishnu Baba Sundaresan (Asst. Prof., Mechanical & Aero Engg.) from Ohio State University
2015/01/14 Prof. Iain Martin (Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic) and Mr Keith Johnstone (Director, Diplomatic & Network Relations) from UNSW, Australia
2015/01/13 Prof. Anita Raja from The Cooper Union,USA
2014/12/16 Dr.Jack Wells, Director of Science- National Center for Computational Science, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2014/12/11 Prof. Jens R. Coorssen,(Head, UWS Molecular Medicine Research Group,University of Western Sydney
NSW, Australia)
2014/12/10 Dr. Oron Shagrir (Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science and the vice rector of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Prof. Eric
Zimmerman (Inter Disciplinary Center, Herzilia), and Prof. Joseph Klafter (President, Tel-Aviv University)
2014/11/13 Professor Pearson and Ms. Sandra Meiras from University of Sydney
2014/11/07 Mr. Martyn Edward (Deputy Director, International Office), Mr. Charlie Carter (Director, International Office) and Professor Robert Allison (Vice Chancellor) from Loughborough University
2014/10/27 Jean Chazelas from Thales,Jean-Yves Marzin from CNRS INSIS, Gilles Coppin from CNRS LABSTICC, Chamira Lessigny from CNRS DERCI, Dominique Aymer de la Chevalerie from DERCI – CNRS Office New Delhi and Sandrine Maximilien from SST- French Embassy
2014/10/27 Ms. Melissa Abache, Global Engagement Coordinator from Koc University, Turkey
2014/10/27 Prof. Liu, Jianping (Chairman of University Council), Prof. MA, Jianguo (Dean), School of Electronic Information Engineering,Tianjin University,Prof. (Ms.) Zhang, Zhen (Deputy Director), Office of International Cooperation from Tianjin University
2014/09/15 Professor Ian Young (Vice-Chancellor and President), Ms. Angela Watkins (Director, International and Admissions) and Mr Alexander Yee (Acting Manager, International Division of Student Recruitment and Admissions) from The Australian National University.
2014/09/15 Ms. Catriona McCarthy (Deputy Director, International Office), University of Edinburgh and Amrita Sadarangani (Director, University of Edinburgh – India Liaison Office)
2014/09/12 A group of fifteen students from Coventry University, UK
2014/09/10 A delegation from University of Manchester, UK
2014/05/07 Mr. Michael Bright (Head of International Strategy, Economic & Social Research Council) and Dr. Nafees Meah (Director, Research Councils UK, India)
2014/05/05 A delegation from University of Deusto, Ms. Maria Ortiz-Coronado Lopez (International Tuning Academy (DITA), Mr. Robert Wageenar and Ms. Edurne Bartolome
2014/04/30 A delegation led by the Consulate General of Canada.
2014/04/28 Prof. Gautam Saha (Director- South Asia, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany) along with Prof. Georg Bastian & Prof. Alexander Struck
2014/04/25 Prof. Wellings (Vice-Chancellor) and Prof. Chicharo (Deputy Vice Chancellor International) from University of Wollongong.
2014/04/22 Mr. Mark Pierce (Australian Consul-General) and Mr. Joyce Pereira (Executive Assistant & Consular Officer Australian Consulate General, Mumbai)
2014/04/21 Ms. Angela Watkins (Director, International and Admissions, Australian National University) and Mr. Alexander Yee (Regional Manager, India)
2014/04/09 Mr. Andrei U. Zhidkov (Vice-consul of the Russian Federation in Mumbai) and Prof. Sanjay Deshpande (Director, Centre for Central Eurasian Studies, University of Mumbai)
2014/03/27 Dr. Sonia Feigenbaum, Associate Provost for Global Engagement, Brown University
2014/03/26 Ms. Monica Bordegoni from Politechnico di Milano, Italy
2014/03/25 Dr. S.M.D. Rao from National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan
2014/03/24 Ms. Meline Koruk, International Relations Manager from Koc University, Turkey
2014/03/21 Prof. Mahendra Gupta,Dean, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis, US
2014/03/21 Prof. Klafter, President, Dr. Gary Sussman and Ms. Regev from Tel Aviv University, Israel
2014/03/13 Dr. Michel Pavageau, Director, Institut Mines- Telecom and Ms. Divya Trivedi, Representative for Institut Mines-Telecom in India
2014/02/27 Mr. Niklas Nannskog, Project Manager, Lund University
2014/02/13 Dr. Alexander P. Hansen, Director, German Research Foundation (DFG), India Office
2014/02/12 Mr. Gautam Saha from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences
2014/02/05 Dr. Remi Quirion (Chief Scientist of Quebec), Dr. Alain Olivier (Director & Consul, Quebec Government Office) and Ms. Shraddha Bhatt.
2014/02/05 A delegation from Univ. of Notre Dame, US:- Rev. John I. Jenkins (President),J. Nicholas Entrikin (Vice President),John Affleck-Graves (Executive Vice President),William Lies (Vice President),Jonathan Noble (Assistant Provost) and Ms. Anita Garg
2014/02/04 Ms. Judith Wolfson (Vice President, University Relations, University of Toronto)
2014/01/31 Ms. Melanie Mala Ghosh from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
2014/01/29 Mr. K. Shashidhar (Vice President), Mr. Ameet Hede (Senior Manager) and Ms. Shaivali Parekh (Chief Financial Officer) from IL&FS Township & Urban Assets Limited
2014/01/28 A delegation lead by Mr. Richard Bale, Consul General, Canada
2014/01/27 Dr. Ana Santos Koehn, Director, International Center, Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM), Germany and Prof. Liqiu Meng, Vice President,
TUM, Germany
2014/01/22 Mr. Richard Bale (Consul General, Govt. of Canada), Prof. Andrew Petter (President, SFU), Mr. Philip Steenkamp (Vice President, External Relations, SFU), Dr. Mario Pinto (Vice President, Research, SFU) and two British Columbia Govt. Representatives
2014/01/13 Prof. Anita Raja from Cooper Union, USA
2014/01/09 Dr. Kumble R. Subbaswamy (Chancellor), Prof. Jack Ahern (Vice Provost of International Programs) and Prof. Om Parkash (Dhankher) (Professor in Plant Biotechnology) from University of Massachusetts
2014/01/08 Prof. Krishnaswami (Hari) Srihari,Dean and SUNY Distinguished Professor, Director – Watson Institute for Systems Excellence
2014/01/06 Prof. ARCOT Sowmya from University of New South Wales
2014/01/03 Prof. PV Aravind from Technische Universiteit Delft
2013/12/26 Prof. Ashwin Seshia from University of Cambridge
2013/12/20 Ms. Anita Garg from Notre Dame University
2013/12/03 A Chinese delegation led by Mr. Zhou hongyu from Hubei Provincial International Academic Exchange Center
2013/11/29 Ms. Holly Luffman (Assistant Director of the Centre for International Experience) and Ms. Lucy Fromowitz (Assistant Vice President for Student Life) from University of Toronto.
2013/11/29 Prof. Mark Hoffima, Vice Chancellor, University of New South Wales
2013/11/26 Prof. Jean-Pierre LOCQUET (Professor & Chairman, KU Leuven, Belgium), along with his students, Ms. Savitha THAYUMANASUNDARAM (Research Associate)
and Mr. Vijay Shankar RANGASAMI (Doctoral Student)
2013/11/15 A delegation led by Prof. Munson, Dean of Engineering from University of Michigan
2013/11/11 Mr. Alain Olivier, Director & Consul, Quebec Government Office in Mumbai
2013/11/07 Mr. Alon Ushpiz, Israeli Consul General and the Consul General of Israel in Mumbai, Mr. Jonathan Miller
2013/10/30 Prof Fouke from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2013/09/03 Prof. Stephane Azzopardi and Prof. Guillaume Ferre from ENSEIRB-MATMECA, France
2013/08/28 Dr. Hassan Said Kashoob (Vice Chancellor) and Dr. Syed Ahsan Jamil (Dean, College of Commerce and Business Administration) from Dhofar University.
2013/08/28 Prof. Josphat K.Z. Mwatelah (Vice Chancellor) from Technical University of Mombasa
2013/08/22 Prof. Mark Welland & Prof. Ashwin Seshia from University of Cambridge
2013/08/21 A group of hundred students from UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI)
2013/05/24 A Swedish delegation lead by Mr. Johan Britz (State Secretary, Coordination Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office)
2013/04/26 Ms. Isabella Grundmann from The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai.
2013/04/03 A delegation lead by Mr. Simon Kennedy, Deputy Minister of International Trade-Canada
2013/04/01 Prof. Raghu Raghavendra (Vice Dean for Global Academic Initiatives USC Viterbi School of Engineering) from University of South California, USA
2013/03/28 Prof. Tan Chorh Chuan (President) and Prof. B.V.R. Chodari(Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology) from National Univ. of Singapore
2013/03/26 Mr. Rodrigo Gallardo,Counsellor for Agricultural Affairs, Embassy of Chile, New Delhi
2013/03/15 A delegation from the University of Exeter, UK
2013/03/13 A delegation from the European Research Council
2013/03/08 A delegation from University of Michigan, USA
2013/03/01 Dr. Jonathan Noble (Assistant Provost-Internationalization, Asia) and Dr. J Nicholas Entrikin (Vice President & Associate Provost-Internationalization) from the University of Notre Dame, USA
2013/02/28 Queens University, UK
2013/02/25 Prof. Marie-Louise Klotz (President) and Prof. Gautam Saha (Director- South Asia) from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany.
2013/02/21 A delegation from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
2013/02/15 A delegation from Johns Hopkins University, USA:- Dr. Ronald Daniels (President), Dr. Pamela Cranston (Vice Provost for International Programs) & Prof. Michael Klag (Dean)
2013/02/11 A delegation from Univ. of Endinburgh, UK:- Prof. Stephen Hiller (Vice Principal International), Ms. Kharishma Captain (Manager-India Liason Office) and Ms. Amrita Sadarangani (Director-India Liaison Office)
2013/02/01 Ms. Caroline Gueny-Mentre (Attache for Scientific and University Co-operation) from Embassy of France, New Delhi.
2013/01/29 A delegation from University of Strathclyde, UK
2013/01/28 Prof. Jasper Knoester (Dean & Professor of Theory of Condensed Matter)from Univ. of Groningen, Netherlands
2013/01/28 Prof. Aly Nazmy (Dean, College of Engineering & Computer Science) & Mr. Mohamed Jamaldeen (International Recruitment Officer, International Relations Office) from Abu Dhabi University
2013/01/17 Prof. Matthew Gutmann (Vice President for International Affairs) from Brown University, USA
2012/12/18 A delegation from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
2012/12/13 Dr. Etienne Bouyer from French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, France.
2012/12/10 Dr. Anna M Ciccarelli (Vice-President, International)& Ms. Sweny Rokani (Manager-South Asia)from The University of Queensland, Australia
2012/12/10 Prof. Paul Tam (Pro-Vice Chancellor & Vice President) and Prof. S.Y.Ron Hui from The University of Hong Kong
2012/12/06 Dr. Yuan-Huei Chang,Director of Science and Technology Division from Taipei Economic and Cultural Center,New Delhi
2012/12/06 A delegation from Schlumberger : Mr S Ramamurthy (Country Head-INM Geomarket Manager), Mr Anubrati Mukherjee, Mr Arnab Ghosh & Mr. Arindam Dutta
2012/12/06 Mr. G.Saha (Director- South & South-East Asia Office, Hochschule Rhein-Waal University, Germany)
2012/11/30 Mr. Rajandeep Singh from Imperial College, UK
2012/11/29 Dr. Dorien vande Belt from University of Twente, Netherlands
2012/11/23 Dr. Andrew Graham (Acting Warden, Rhodes House in Oxford) and Ms. Krista Slade (Director of Development)
2012/11/22 A delegation from Univ. of South Australia: Mr. Nigel Relph (Pro VC & VP), Prof. Andrew Parfitt (Pro VC & VP- Div. of IT, Engg. & the Env.), Prof. Nanda Nandagopal (Dean International) & Mr. Raju Narayanan (Manager, International Relations)
2012/11/22 Prof. Marc Benedetti from Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris, France
2012/11/02 A delegation from CNRS, France
2012/10/19 Prof. Bhesh Bhandari from the University of Queensland, Australia
2012/10/08 A delegation from Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden
2012/10/05 Mr. Satyajit Dattagupta (Director- Enrollment Communications) from Univ. of Rochester, USA
2012/10/03 Prof. Rafael Pous (Vice Director, Information and Communication Technologies, University Pompeu Fabra, Spain) and Prof. Pablo Varona (Vice Dean of Research, Engineering School, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain)
2012/10/03 Delegation from National University of Singapore: Prof. Peter Pang(Asst. Vice-President) & Mr. Koh Chin Yee(Director, Asia) from Office of the Vice-President -Univ. and Global Relations)and Dr. Tan Lai Yong(Resident Felow, Angsana College)
2012/10/03 Dr. Paul Jeng (President) from Indo-Korea Science & Technology Centre, Bangalore
2012/10/01 A delegation from Estonia
2012/10/01 Dr. Angelika Wittek (Head- Student Exchange Office) and Ms. Adeline Hofrichter (Asia / Pacific Student Exchange Officer) from ETH Zurich
2012/09/27 Dr. Janaka Ruwanpura (Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada)
2012/09/26 Ms. Miyoung Choi (Associate Director- International Admission & Placement) and Ms. Jinyung Cha (Assistant Director- Student Exchange Programme/ WEF) from KAIST College of Business, Korea
2012/09/24 Prof. Stephen Lu from University of Southern California
2012/09/24 Prof. Michel Pavageau (Head of International Relations, Ecole des Mines d Albi-Carmaux) & Prof. Pascal Formisyn (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne)
2012/09/17 Mr. Christian Rodier (Attache for Cooperation in French), Embassy of France, Mumbai
2012/09/17 Lt. General (R ) Andi M. Ghalib (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Republic of Inonesia) and Dr. Son Kuswadi (Education Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, New Delhi)
2012/09/10 Mr. Adam Grotsky, Executive Director, United States-Indian Educational Foundation
2012/09/10 A delegation from the Univ. of South Australia – Prof. Nanda Nandagopal, Prof. Wasim Saman & Mr. Raju Narayanan
2012/08/27 A delegation from Univ. of Edinburgh:- Prof. A R Wallace (Dean-International), Prof. Roger Jefferey (International Dean- India), Ms. Amrita Sadarangani-Rana (Director – India Liaison Office)
2012/08/27 Mr.Hashida Masaki, a Japanese reporter (Asahi Shinbun) & Mr. Rohit Malhotra (Director, Mistral International Ltd)
2012/08/10 Mr. Patrick O Riordan (Enterprise Ireland – Director India, Commercial Section, Embassy of Ireland) and Ms. Marina Donohoe (Head of Education)
2012/08/07 A delegation from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan – Prof. Ding-Bang Luh, Prof. Hsiao-Ling Chung & Ms. Aratrika Roy
2012/07/31 Prof Tony Watson, Dy.Vice Chancellor (International)& Prof Leisa Armstrong, School of Computer and Security Science from Edith Cowan Univ., Australia and Mr Jamal Qureshi, South Asia Regional Marketing Manager, Western Australia Trade Office, Mumbai
2012/07/24 Ms. Shubhada Choudhury from DAAD-Mumbai office
2012/07/18 Prof. Junki Kim (Vice President- International Affairs) and Ms. Sunju Park (Director- International Exchange & Partnership) from Seoul National University, Korea
2012/07/15 Mr. Esmael Reshid Seid from University of Pretoria,South Africa (15th – 19th July 2012)
2012/07/14 A delegation from Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan Univ., Nepal (14th – 18th July)
2012/05/31 Canadian delegation – Univ. of Toronto & Univ. of British Columbia
2012/05/28 Prof. Jean-Claude Galey (Anthropologist,EHESS, Paris), Prof. Jagdeep Chhokar & Prof. Eric Godelier

2012/05/24 A delegation from Dept.of Trade & Industry from South Africa
2012/04/12 Prof. Ahmed C Bawa (Vice Chancellor) from Durban University, South Africa
2012/04/10 Dr Sergey Minaev & Dr. Odintsov Egor from Russian Academy of Sciences. (10th – 14th April 2012)
2012/04/10 Ms. Bunty Chand (Executive Director) and Ms. Komal Hiranandani (Programme Associate) from Asia Society India Centre

2012/04/09 Prof.Sheila Bonde from Brown University, USA
2012/04/02 Ms. Erin Campbell, Education Researcher (British Columbia Council for International Education, Canada)
2012/03/19 Basque delegation: Juan Goicolea (Dy. Minister- Innovation & Technology), Nuria Lopez de Gerenu (Secy Genl – CONFEBASK), Jose Luis Curbelo (Director- Basque Competitiveness Institute) & Leyre Madariaga (Director-Intl. Dev.,TECNALIA)
2012/03/16 Dr. Holli Semetko (Vice Provost- International Affairs) from Emory University, USA
2012/03/16 Dr. Hou Shuiping (President) from Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, China
2012/03/14 A delegation from Ryerson University, Canada
2012/03/13 A delegation from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
2012/03/09 Mr. GAY Peng Kee (Program Director) from NUS Overseas College.
2012/03/07 A delegation from Edith Cowan University,Australia
2012/02/29 Ms. Geneviève Gallot (Director) from Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Decoratifs, Paris
2012/02/28 A delegation from The Mombasa Polytechnic University College, Kenya
2012/02/27 A delegation from Tel Aviv University, Israel
2012/02/24 Mr. Stefan H. Waldburger (Managing Director) from Torrex Consulting Fribourg, Switzerland (24th – 26th Feb.)
2012/02/20 Mr. Raju Narayanan (Manager, International Relations) from University of South Australia
2012/02/16 Dr. Roseann O Reilly Runte (President & Vice-Chancellor) and Dr. R.A. Goubran (Dean-Faculty of Engineering & design) from Carleton Univ., Canada
2012/02/15 Prof. Monica Bordegoni (Dept. of Mechanics) & Ms. Dora Longoni (Head- International Projects Service) from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
2012/02/15 Dr. Lalu Mansinha (Academic Director, OMG Exchange program)
2012/02/10 Sir William Wakeham (President) from The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)
2012/02/02 Mr. Stuart Shorthouse (Recruitment & International Office) from Univ. of Strathclyde Glasgow, UK
2012/02/02 Dr. Kamineni P. Rao (Associate Head & Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical & Biomedical Engg.) from City University of Hong Kong
2012/02/02 Dr. Nicolas Poussielgue (Science and Technology Attache, French Embassy, Mumbai) & Mr. Christian Laine (DCNS, France)
2012/02/01 Dr. Yoshitaka Kuno (Head- Det. Of Physics) from Osaka University, Japan
2012/01/30 Prof. Jerry Hultin (President), Prof. Ji Mi Choi (Chief of Staff & Vice President of Strategic Initiatives) and Prof. Barbara Noseworthy (Vice President- Office of Development & Alumni Relations) from Polytechnic Institute of New York Univ.
2012/01/30 A Science and Technology Mission from Quebec, Canada
2012/01/30 Prof. Nirmala Rao (Associate Dean- Graduate School & Professor, Faculty of Education) from The University of Hong Kong
2012/01/25 Prof. Peter Beal & Prof. Shiela David from Dept. of Chemistry, University of California Davis (25th – 28th Jan 2012)
2012/01/24 A delegation from Rutgers Univ., USA – Dr. Alison Price-Rom (Director- Centers for Global Advancement & International Affairs),Dr.Joanna Regulska (Vice President-International and Global Affairs) and Dr.Triveni Kuchi (Director-South Asian Studies)
2012/01/18 Dr. Jonathan Noble (Assistant Provost for Internationalization) from Univ. of Notre Dame, Beijing.
2012/01/17 A delegation from Ecole Centrale Paris, France- Cripps (Dean of International Affairs), Prof. Sebastien Ducruix & Prof. Nishit Jain
2012/01/16 Prof. Ralph Bruder from Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany
2012/01/16 Mr. Subramanian Iyer from IBM, USA
2012/01/13 Prof. Hard Granberg (Research Professor, Dept. of Applied Geomatics) from Univ. of Sherbrooke, Canada (13th – 14th Jan.)
2012/01/13 Prof. Clement Sankat (Pro Vice-Chancellor & Campus Principal) & Mr. Sharan Singh (Director, International Office) from The University of West Indies
2012/01/13 A delegation from The University of British Columbia, Canada – Dr. John Hepburn, Dr. Leonel Roldan-Flores & Mr. Faisal Beg and Mr. ARvind Gupta (MITACS)
2012/01/11 Prof. Wang Fangshi, Prof. Kong Lingbo, Ms. Bai Pu & Mr. Wang Weidong from Beijing Jiaotong University, China (11th Jan – 2nd Feb. 2012)
2012/01/09 Dr. Paul Barry (Head of School of Science / Head of International Relations) from Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland
2012/01/06 A delegation from Univ. of North Texas, USA
2012/01/04 Prof. Peter Lennie (Senior Vice President & Dean of the Faculty of Arts,Sciences and Engineering) from University of Rochester, USA
2011/12/26 Prof. Krishna Garikipati from University of Michigan, USA
2011/12/16 Maarten de groot & Elisa Battistutta from Delft Univ. of Technology, Netherlands
2011/12/15 A student delegation from Edith Cowan University, Australia
2011/12/12 Prof. Clouteau (Head of the Mechanical Engg.) from Ecole Centrale Paris, France
2011/12/07 Global Tech Alliance Workshop on Energy Research for Global Sustainability (7th – 8th December 2011)
2011/12/07 Mr.Jean-Charles Guibert – Director for Technology Transfer of CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) and Ms. Marie-Anne Serve (Assistant to the Nuclear Counsellor, French Embassy in India, New Delhi)
2011/12/05 A Brazilian delegation lead by Councilor Almerinda Carvalho (Head of the Division of Education Cooperation of the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil)
2011/12/05 Mr. Azuan Bin Abu Talib from Petronas, Malaysia (60th Certificate Course on Piping Engineering : 5th -7th December 2011)
2011/11/30 A delegation from Univ. of Maryland, USA, lead by Dr. Wallace D. Loh (President)
2011/11/30 Prof. Katrin Beyer from EPFL Switzerland (30th Nov. – 3rd Dec. 2011)
2011/11/29 Dr. Wolfgang-Martin Boerner from The Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA (29th Nov. – 4th Dec. 2011
2011/11/28 Ms. Molly Broad ( President, American Council on Education) & Dr. N.Radhakrishnan, USA
2011/11/28 Ms. Gudrun Paulsdottir,Mr. Damir Isovic,Mr. Viktor Hennius,Ms. Karin Sikstrom,Ms Stina-Lena Hellstrom and Ms. Anna Ahlborg from Malardalen University, Sweden
2011/11/28 Dr. Simon Buckle (Pro-Rector- International, Imperial College, London)
2011/11/21 A Japanese business delegation lead by Dr. Seiichiro Yonekura (Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
2011/11/21 Dr. Yoshio Yamaguchi, Dr. Sang-Eun Park, Prof. H. Kobayasahi and Dr. Gulab Singh from Niigata University, Japan (20- 23rd Nov. 2011)
2011/11/18 A delegation from Alberta, Canada.
2011/11/15 Mr. Satyajit Dattagupta (Director of Enrollment Communications) from University of Rochester, USA
2011/11/15 Eight senior officials from Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority, Bangladesh, participated in a four-day CEP course at IITB (15th – 18th Nov. 2011)
2011/11/14 Prof. P.A. Parikh (Prof. & Dean-Research & Consultancy) and Dr. G.J. Joshi (Assoc. Prof. & Program in charge- TEP) from SVNIT, Surat
2011/11/14 A delegation from Simon Fraser University, Canada
2011/11/11 Ms. Elisabeth Axell from Lund University, Sweden.
2011/11/11 Dr. Aftab Seth from Keio University, Japan.
2011/11/09 Mr. Dries Buytaert (Belgium), Mr. Jacob Sunder Singh (USA)and Mr. Ronald Clari Pruett JR (USA) participated in the Drupal Camp (9th – 10th Nov. 2011)
2011/11/08 Prof. Soulaymane Kachani from Columbia University in the City of New York
2011/11/08 Delegates from Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Tech., Hong Kong Baptist Univ., Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ. & Hong Kong Univ. Grants Committee
2011/11/04 Mr. Randy Zandra (Director, Carleton International) from Carleton Univ., Canada)
2011/11/03 Dr. Kazuyuki Motohashi & Mr. Hiroshi Yoshino (The University of Tokyo,Japan), Mr. Shinichi Iida (Consul, Japanese Consulate, Mumbai) and Mr. Shrikrishna Kulkarni (Director, Cybernetic, Bangalore)
2011/11/02 Mr. Apoorv Mahendru (DAAD-Delhi) and Ms. Shubhada Choudhury (DAAD-Mumbai)
2011/10/25 Prof. Ravi Bapna (University of Minnesota) & Prof. Arun Sundararajan (New York University)
2011/10/25 Dr Dollaporn Phuakkhong (Mahidol University, Thailand)
2011/10/25 Dr. Thomas Zacharia from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
2011/10/20 A delegation from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden (20th – 21st Oct. 2011)
2011/10/12 Mr. Juergen Henschel (Director Sales & Marketing -Stabila, Germany)
2011/10/08 Dr. Satwinder Brar & Dr. Stephane Godbout from Centre for Water, Earth and Environment, INRS, Quebec, Canada (8th – 14th Oct. 2011)

2011/10/01 Prof. Purusottam Jena from Virginia Commonwealth Univ., USA (1st – 4th Oct. 2011)
2011/09/28 Dr. Juan Miguel Sanchez (Vice President- Research) and Mr.Sid Burback (Director, Global Communication Group) from Univ. of Texas at Austin
2011/09/28 Dr. Dominique Aymer (Head -CNRS, Delhi) and Dr Nicolas Poussielgue (Attache- S&T, Embassy of France, Mumbai)
2011/09/23 A delegation from University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt, Germany
2011/09/23 Mr. Eric Woerth and Mr. Paul Giacobbi, Members of the French Parliament
2011/09/23 Dr.Roisin Donohoe (Director of International Development, Telecom Sud Paris) & Dr. Michel Pavageau (Head-International Relations, Ecole des Mines d-Albi-Carmaux)
2011/09/22 A delegation from INRIA, France
2011/09/19 Prof. Cauligi Raghavendra (Vice Dean for Global Academic Initiatives)from USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Univ. of Southern California, USA
2011/09/14 Dr. Casba Sinka from University of Leicester, UK
2011/09/12 Dr. Tenhunen (Research Manager & Principal Lecturer -Research), Mr. Niittymaki (Principal Lecturer -Research) and Ms. Marja Laurikainen (Project Coordinator) from HAMH University of Applied Sciences, Finland
2011/09/07 Ms. Jasmine JungHyun RYU from Waseda University,Japan
2011/09/02 Visit of Mr. Paul Pichler to IDC (2nd – 6th Sept. 2011)
2011/08/26 Dr. Meng-Hwa Er (Vice President-Intl.Affairs),Prof. Tso-Chien Pan (Professor & Executive Director- Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management)& Ms. Goy Hsu Ann (Project Manager-Global Tech,Presidents Office)from Nanyang Technological Univ.,Singapore
2011/08/23 Prof. Joseph Aoun (President) and Prof. Stephen Director (Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs) from Northeastern University, USA
2011/08/18 Prof. Fouad Bennis (Director- International Relations) and Prof. Patrick Chedmail (Director) from Ecole Centrale Nantes, France
2011/08/11 A delegation from University of South Africa
2011/08/10 Dr. Karim Hussein from Al-Isra University, Jordan
2011/08/02 Prof. Zhang Jiaxing (President),Prof. Liyan Zhang & Ms. Huo Yingyi (Director of Foreign Affairs) from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China
2011/08/02 Prof. Raghuram Murtugudde from University of Maryland, USA
2011/07/26 Prof. Nitin P. Padture from The Ohio State University, USA
2011/07/25 An Australian delegation lead by Senator Kim Carr (Australian Minister for Innovation, Industry and Research)
2011/07/25 Prof. Subhasis Ghoshal from McGill Univ.,Canada (25th – 29th July)
2011/07/15 Dr. S. Subramanian & Prof. Michael Braun (President) from Georg Simon Ohm Univ. of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, Germany
2011/07/13 Dr. John A Williams from The University of
Queensland, Australia (13 – 14th july)
2011/07/12 Dr. Pratim Biswas & Dr. Mahendra Gupta(Dean of our Olin Business School) from Washington Univ. in St.Louis, USA
2011/07/01 Mr. R V B Rao (Head-HR & Training)& Mr. C V Prakash from CEMT International, Hyderabad and Mr. Al Mokthar Sayed M.Al Shanqaiti (President, JAL International Co. Ltd. , Saudi Arabia)
2011/07/01 Prof. Rajendra Srivastava (Provost & Dy-President
for Academic Affairs) from Singapore Management University