About the Campus

IIT Bombay is a small township in itself. Rich in natural flora and fauna to begin with, the campus' green cover has been maintained and even increased over the years. An island of green in the otherwise concrete jungle that is Mumbai, the campus at Powai nestles among hills and is flanked by the Powai and Vihar lakes.  It is special both in terms of its physical beauty and location — a place where you can be away from the busy world, yet still be a part of it. Education and research are the twin pillars of this institute and the ambience is one in which new ideas and creativity can flourish.

The campus is connected to the city proper — an hour's distance —  by buses and local trains. However, most facilities are available on campus itself, including banks, a shopping centre, two excellent schools for children, and a well-equipped hospital. All students and most faculty live on campus, in student hostels and IIT staff quarters. The peaceful atmosphere of the campus belies the wide range of activities that complement academic life.

Street View of IIT Bombay

The beautiful lush green campus trail images taken during the early monsoon of June 2013 is now on Google Street View. (Search for IITB on Google Maps. After it pins IITB on the map, you will find photos, and street view boxes just below the search box ("See inside" link); click along the arrows that appear as you hover over the image. Alternatively, to look at a specific location, you can drag the peg-man (yellow human icon near bottom right) and drop it on to the blue roads that will appear on the map.