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IIT Bombay is a small township in itself. Consciously developed, the campus has retained and increased its green cover, and is rich in natural flora and fauna. The campus is well connected to the city center, an hour’s distance through buses and local trains. However, most facilities are available on campus itself , including post office, banks, a shopping centre, eateries, two excellent schools for children, and a well equipped hospital.

For sports activities and for cultural activities there is a Gymkhana and a Students Activity Center (SAC). IITB also houses two swimming pools which are used by both students and the campus residents.

All students and most staff members live on campus, in student hostels and IITB staff quarters. The peaceful atmosphere of the campus belies the full range of activities going on that complement the academic life.

Student activities:

Apart from the academics, students participate in a variety of cultural and sports activities. These include inter-hostel competitions, inter-IIT meet, Mood, etc. For special interests like mountaineering or quizzing there are different Clubs which work throughout the year. For more information about it and also about the various hostels at IIT Bombay, please visit:

Map of IIT Bombay


Weather in Mumbai:

The climate in Mumbai throughout the year is temperate, being hot and humid in summer to being pleasant in winter. Its never too hot nor too cold. It rains quite heavily during the monsoon months of June, July and August. The climate is cooler at IITB than its surroundings – the reason is that it is located between two lakes and also covered by greenery.

Winter in Mumbai:

During December and January the climate in Mumbai is very pleasant. The air temperature will be around 25 degree C (75% relative humidity) in the daytime and around 15 degree C at night.

Summer in Mumbai:

During May and June the climate becomes hot and humid in the afternoons. The air temperature will be around 35 degree C (90% relative humidity) in the daytime and around 30 degree C at night.

Monsoon in Mumbai:

The monsoon rains hit Mumbai in the month of June. The rains are quite heavy and last till the end of August. The climate becomes a bit damp! The air temperature will be around 30 degree C (80% relative humidity) in the daytime and around 20 degree C at night.

What to wear:

Due to the hot and humid climate, light clothes made of natural fiber materials such as cotton should be worn. The wearing of clothing made from artificial fiber materials such as nylon is not recommended. Sweaters may be required at night during the cool season. An umbrella or a coat is definitely recommended if visiting during the monsoon period.

Map of Mumbai:

Common modes of transportation in Mumbai:

For information about Maharashtra, its tourist places, climate, etc., please visit:


Weather in India:



  • Check the Academic calendar for the semester details (not applicable for students coming to IITB for project work as they can come any time during the year and are not bound by the duration of the semesters).

    Visiting students joining IITB for course work can check the list of courses offered at IITB at (Courses are listed under the respective Departments). The list of courses to be offered by Departments in each semester is finalized and announced only a few days prior to the beginning of the semester.
    The students are advised to consult their home institute advisors and if needed get their approval before departure. Students are advised to come prepared with a list of their preferred courses (and some alternative courses in case their preferred courses are not on offer at IIT Bombay in a particular semester).

  • Forward to us, your complete arrival details well in advance to allow us to:

    (i) Arrange for your airport pick up. Alternately, prepaid taxi from the airport is available and can be taken on arrival at the airport.

    (ii) Arrange for your hostel accommodation (We provide single accommodation only, please do not request for married students accommodation).

  • Visa requirements:

    Students admitted for Ph.D. programmes must have a Research Visa. Students admitted for Master programmes must have a Student Visa. Visa related information:

    As per the O.M. AAI/327/30/2009 dt. 20/2/09, 31/7/12 & 31/8/12 from the Ministry of External Affairs- “foreign diplomats wishing to pursue studies in Indian universities while on diplomatic visa in India will have to refer their requests containing details of their proposed course of study to the Protocol Division of the Ministry of External Affairs for consideration. The Ministry of External Affairs will consider each request on merit and intimate its decision within a period of four weeks from date of receipt of such requests. These guidelines are applicable to diplomats and staff members of the diplomatic missions etc. and not to their spouses and dependents.”

  • Medical Facilities:

    It is advisable that you get a general check up done before departure, to ensure that you do not suffer from any major ailments.

    Kindly get yourselves vaccinated against the following diseases, before reporting to IIT Bombay:

    1. COVID-19
    2. Typhoid
    3. Hepatitis A
    4. MMR – 1 dose after age of 15 years
    5. Chickenpox
    6. dT (diphtheria and tetanus)

    Only those students in whom, vaccination is medically contraindicated would be exempted from these vaccinations on production of medical certificate.

    (i) Full programme students:
    You will be provided with full medical facilities as applicable to Indian students at IIT Bombay.

    (ii) Visiting students:
    You will be provided with only OPD facility at the IIT Bombay Hospital. You should obtain a personal insurance policy, covering sickness and accidents before leaving.