What are the fees for the French, German, Japanese, Italian & Chinese language courses ?

We are charging a course fee of Rs. 1500/- (subject to revision every year). The fees are collected mainly to cover the cost of the study materials (textbooks and practice books recommended by the teachers) and handouts prepared by them during the course.Some administrative overheads are also taken care of through these fees. The fees may be revised every year based on any fluctuation in the cost of the study materials.

The study material is provided at the time of registration.

What is the duration of the French, Japanese, German, Italian & Chinese courses?

All the language courses will run in two separate modules of 50-50 hours each in two semesters; Module 1 in Autumn semester and Module II in Spring semester. Module II is an advancement of Module I and clearance of Module I is mandatory for admission into Module II.

Is this course open for outsiders?

No. It is only open to the current IIT Bombay students and staff members (Institute and Project staff) including their family members. The minimum age limit is 12 years.

How do we register for the course?

The registration procedure, fees and deadlines are given in detail, every year before the commencement of the course, in an advertisement sent out from the Office of Dean-IR.

For staff members, the registration process is handled by the Office of Dean-IR. Registration is on first come first basis, subject to the payment of fees.

For the Students’ Batch, the following procedure has been adopted:

1. Shortlisting of the students will be done by the Institute Secretary of International Relations on the basis of online registration.
2. The Office of Dean-IR will inform the shortlisted students about the schedule of the payment of the fees and caution money deposit (as mentioned in the advertisement). Only those students who deposit the fees within the deadline would permitted to join the class.

What are the criteria for awarding certificates?

It is necessary to appear for all the tests. A minimum test score of 50% is required in the module. Students clearing the test will be receiving a certificate mentioning the percentage of attendance and test score in the module. Only those students who have cleared the first module will be eligible for a certificate in the second module. The student will be receiving separate certificate for the first and second module.

Certificates are issued by the following authorities :-

French : Alliance Francaise, Mumbai.

Japanese : Koo International Co. Ltd., Japan

German : DAAD

Italian : University of Pavia

Chinese : Taiwanese Embassy, Taiwan.

Will I get a duplicate certificate if I misplace the original one?

No duplicate certificate will be issued as the certificates are not issued by IIT Bombay.

Can we attend the second module if we do not clear the first module?

Yes. You can attend the lectures, subject to permission from the respective teacher. But if you have not cleared the first module you will not receive any certificate for the second module.

Do we have to register again for the second module?

No. The registration done is for the entire course in a particular Academic year (comprising of two modules).

When will I get the refund of my caution deposit?

At the end of the first module, subject to fulfilling the minimum 80% attendance requirement, the deposit money will be refunded, if student discontinues after the first module. In all other cases, it will be refunded at the end of the second module but again subject to 80% attendance in each module.

After the module is completed, the office of Dean IR will send a list of students who fulfill the attendance requirement to the Accounts section. The deposit will be refunded only to those students, as per the institute procedure. An email will be sent to all students giving them information about their deposit refund.

What do I do if I cannot continue for Module 2?

Deregister by sending an email to: . De-registration and refund of deposit will be permitted only upto 1 day after the last date for Course Adjustment for the Spring semester, prescribed in the Academic calendar.

If I am unable to complete the second module this year, can I re-apply next year? Do I have to register again? Do I have to pay the full course fees again? Yes, you have to register again, subject to the availability of

Yes, you have to register again, subject to the availability of seats. A nominal amount (currently Rs. 250/-) has to be paid as continuation fees.

What should I do if my query is not covered under your list of FAQs?

Please send an email to: and we will update the FAQs accordingly.