Short Term Program

The basic idea of the Short Term Programs i.e. Winter School and Summer School is to improve the visibility of the Institute by showcasing its strengths, mainly, the rigor of our academic courses and/or existing research facilities at IIT Bombay. The program offers interesting courses on some of the current topics by the faculty members of our institute during the winter and summer breaks each year. Vast benefits are presented to the participant under the program including study material exchange, one on one discussion with the faculty member, highly informative lecture/quiz/assignment, and e-participation certificates.

At IIT Bombay, Winter School is usually held between December/January, and Summer School is usually held between June/July every year. These short-term programs are designed for senior undergraduate and postgraduate level students. The contact hours may vary between 15 to 60 hours for a maximum of 15 days. An interested faculty member of IIT Bombay may submit their course proposal to the Dean IR for upcoming sessions. Interested students may write to us (e-mail: ) in expressing topics to cover in the future.

A further announcement shall be posted here related to upcoming sessions and the registration process.

Winter School 2022

Office of International Relations, IIT Bombay organizes the “Winter School 2022” as a part of Short Term Programme.
The Winter School will take place in the month of December 2022 and will also be accessible via online platform. Attending the lectures (in virtual mode) is free; registration is required by November 25, 2022, at the following link:
The Winter School is open to researchers, PhD/PG/UG students from India and abroad who want to enrich their skills and experience in advance courses offered by experts faculty in their fields.
For any queries about the Winter School 2022 at IIT Bombay, please contact Dr. Pratibha Yadav (Project Manager) at
During this Winter School, IIT Bombay offering four listed topics by the faculty members of the respective fields:

1. Science and Technology of CCUS and Hydrogen: Carbon Management and Sustainable Energy Info
Instructors: Prof. Vikram Vishal and Prof. Arnab Dutta
2. Understanding Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Policymaking in the context of Education: An interdisciplinary perspective Info
Instructor: Prof. Syaamantak Das
3. Durability and Sustainability of Construction Materials Info
Instructors: Prof. Swathy Manohar and Prof. Vikram Vishal
4. Systems Biology: A quantitative way of understanding biological regulations Info
Instructor: Prof. Sandip Kar


Target group: Researchers, PhD, PG, UG students
Participation Certificate will be issued to successful candidates

Summer School 2022

The International Relations Office organized the 2022 Summer School virtually from June 26 to July 15, 2022. During this Summer School, IIT Bombay offered four listed topics by the faculty members of the respective fields:

Advanced Structural Geology Flyer
Data Flow Analysis: A Pointer Centric View Flyer
Introduction to Numerical Optimization Flyer
Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS): Fundamentals and Applications Flyer


A total of 570 applications were received for the 2022 Summer School from different countries worldwide such as Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, and Vietnam. Further, the program was made more competitive by faculties not only through the keen selection of the participants for the respective course but also by monitoring participants’ punctuality for the distribution of e-certificates. Participants that applied for the course were majorly UG and PG (approx. 90%) degree students followed by Ph.D. students. A large number of participants showed interest in enrolling at IIT Bombay for full-time degree/student exchange program upon completion of summer school.

Advanced Structural Geology
Data Flow Analysis: A Pointer Centric View
Introduction to Numerical Optimization
Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS): Fundamentals and Applications
Winter School 2021

In the Winter School, IIT Bombay offered three different courses: Artificial Intelligence in Education, Structural Geology, and Singular Value Decomposition. It attracted more than 110 participants from countries across the globe including the UK, Brazil, Russia, and Indonesia, among others. On completion of the program, an e-participation certificate was issued to the successful participants.

Artificial Intelligence in Education class
Singular Value Decomposition class