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By Marie Wawrzyniak IMT Atlantique–Nantes, France Spring 2018-19

I will keep a very good souvenir of IITB! I spent there a really good time : I met really wonderful people, Indians as well as other exchange students!

In the beginning I was really impressed by the size of the campus and all the facilities it has... Quite different from the campus I came from! What I really appreciated also was the green environment that surrounds you and allows you to be out of the city's frenzy. Not to be lost, you always have people to help you, to begin with your buddy that can guide you in all your questions and find your way. The Dean Office also made things really easy for you in all the administrative procedures, which can be really hard to get for a foreigner! ^^

It is really a chance to be a student in IITB and I hope others will have the same opportunity as we had. You made friends (or even more than that.. ) for life there!