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By Myroslava Horlo Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia Spring 2018-19

I find my stay as a really good experience...big and friendly area, you can find everything you need, don’t care about looking for food (if they cook good in the mess) and room for one person. But it was too hot on our 9th floor in hostel 10 and it wasn’t comfortable actually...

As an exchange student I think that we could have more free attendance...cause when you have lectures everyday it’s really hard to travel somewhere, also when we had classes on Saturday and Sundays. Especially me, I had just 4 months, so I had no time to travel after exams. Thanks God we found one week after midsems what was actually really beautiful:)

I guess that it will be a good thing if exchange students will be able not to pay mess for the whole period of time because they always want to try something new somewhere else in Mumbai or even at iit canteens. So it’s better to do without wasting money:)

Other-way I was happy to be there, a lot of sports open to use, green area, good people...it was nice)

Thanks a lot to Sushma - she was working so politely and fast, I find her really good and that position:) she made all things so easy to do (like paperwork and etc.)