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Turgay Sakar – IMT Mines Alès, France | Spring 2018-19

I really enjoyed the whole experience. First I loved the campus, and I can say that I preferred it to my campus back in France. Mess food was good for me, enjoyable till the end, same with the room and all the facilities.

I really liked the Indian students and the buddies whom where there to help us, especially in the beginning (it's when we need it the most I guess). I especially wanted to thank Miss Sushma who was there to help us every time I was  going to the IR office, a really nice person. The yoga class at 6pm was amazing and I enjoyed it alot

My experience in India was very enjoyable too. Loved to take the sleeping train/bus and travel. India is really big and there are a lot to see. Amazing people, landscape and food. I'm sure there are a lot more to say that I forgot but I will not forget this semester for sure