Aalto University delegation visited IIT Bombay


Aalto and IIT Bombay has a long-time partnership through FICORE (Finnish Indian Consortia for Research and Education). There are three type of agreements has been established between Aalto and IIT Bombay and several activities and exchange of students has been placed in the past. To strengthen this partnership, A delegation of three faculty members lead by the FICORE coordinator had a visit to IIT Bombay on April 23, 2024.

The delegation had a fruitful meeting with the DD Prof. K.V.K. Rao to intensity the collaboration with Aalto university and FICORE network. IIT Bombay is also a member in CUMULUS, a global network for art and design. Aalto delegation had a visit to IDC School of Design with aimed to interact with IDC faculty and students, interaction for creative public engagements, and implementation of creativity in IDC strategy.

Aalto University, Finland:

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