Awareness Workshop on Draft National Credit Framework (NCrF)

On November 28, 2022, our office hosted a half-day workshop on Draft National Credit Framework (NCrF) to create awareness among the stakeholders on how NCrF facilitates a learner's transition between academic and vocational programs, allowing for the flexibility to exit and re-enter programs by accumulating, transferring, and redeeming credits based on individual needs. This aligns with the objectives outlined in the National Education Policy, 2020 (NEP, 2020). Hon’ble Minister of State for Education, Smt. Annpurna Devi, was the Chief Guest for the event. The event successfully brought together over 185+ participants, representing various educational institutions such as universities, colleges, schools, and NGOs. Additionally, academicians from IITs and representatives from organizations including NCERT, State Education Board, Secondary and Higher Education Board, Directorate of Skill Development, and Directorate of Higher Education participated in this workshop. Participants had the unique opportunity to engage directly with a group of experts who played a significant role in shaping the draft. This expert panel had Dr. Vinita Agrawal (NCVET), Lt. Col. Gunjan Chowdhary (NCVET), Dr. Avichal Kapur (UGC), Mr. Nilambuj Sharan (MSDE), Prof. Rajive Kumar (AICTE), Dr. Saroj Sharma (NIOS), Niti Shankar Sharma (CBE), and Prof. Vinay Swarup Mehrotra (PSSCIVE). Participants gained valuable insights into every aspect of the draft NCrF, including a comprehensive understanding of the associated challenges in its implementation. The event also emphasized a forward-looking approach, outlining strategies to collaboratively work towards the effective implementation of the framework.


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