Student Experiences Inbound

  • Leonardo Morlein

    Student @ Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany | Exchange @ Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay

    In Germany I was taught to take my own responsibility for my studies. I was free to learn, attend and work how I found is the best way for me. In IIT Bombay the professors forced to spend my attention continuously and in depth. I had more lectures, quizzes, exams, home works, projects, vivas and presentations in one subject than I had ever before. To sum it up : In Germany I learned to organize I discovered my potential to handle a huge amount of work.

  • Alexander Stein

    After five intense months on the campus of IIT Bombay, I left Mumbai with some tears in the eyes but a smile in the face, looking back at all the awesome people and experiences. Reaching the campus, I couldn’t feel that I am in the biggest city of India. I honestly couldn’t imagine a better place to live than in Mumbai. It took a few attempts until I felt comfortable leaving the campus on my own. However I started quickly enjoying the rickshaw drives and the people love to help, in particular, if they see that you are a foreigner! I had to learn that only a few courses can be quite some work including quizzes, projects and homework hand-ins. And you always find some students who work passionate, either for course projects or competitions in cultural or sport programs. The culture club presentations were truly impressive! It was a great choice for my semester exchange!